NWClones.org - Medical Cannabis Clones

***By Appointment ONLY***
$15 per plant.

Welcome to Northwest Clones, we specialize in Medical Quality Cannabis Clones from proven  quality strains.
We are a true Patient garden and flower all of these strains ourselves.
We may not have every strain...but we do have a strain for everyone.
All of our Plants are Organic.

Contact via contact form or text for Patient Direct Quotes.

Donation: $15 per plant.

Our clones are: Mold, Mite and Mildew free. We Flower all of these same strains ourselves, the finished Flowers Sell Out weekly. Each Cut is dipped in Clonex gel, then goes into a rockwool cube; once Rooted each Cut is then planted into our Soiless Mix in a cup and lumen hardened, thus insuring that both Collectives and Patients alike receive Zero Failures.
Washington State Medical Cannabis Authorization and Valid Washington State ID are Required.
Consulting and Services Business
Registered Washington State Non-Profit Corporation

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