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***By Appointment ONLY***
I502 Sanctioned.
I502 Producer(s): We have supplied thousands of Plants to Licensed I502 Producers.
Contact for details and pricing.
Location: Seattle, Tacoma.

Medical, MMJ Patients, at this time we must limit orders to qty10+:
$15 per plant.

Welcome to Northwest Clones, we specialize in Medical Quality Cannabis Clones from proven  quality strains.
We are a true Patient garden and flower all of these strains ourselves.
We may not have every strain...but we do have a strain for everyone.

Contact via contact form or text for Patient Direct Quotes.

Our clones are: Mold, Mite and Mildew free. We Flower all of these same strains ourselves, the finished Flowers Sell Out weekly. Each Cut is dipped in Clonex gel, then goes into a rapid rooter cube; once Rooted each Cut is then planted into our Soiless Mix in a cup and lumen hardened, thus insuring that both Collectives and Patients alike receive Zero Failures.
Consulting and Services Business
Registered Washington State Non-Profit Corporation

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